I am very happy to announce that we now have a total of 10 horses, 1 stud, and 4 stables registered with the MHA! If we continue to get the word out about us, we will be able to grow even larger. 

One of the things I did to add some convenience for everyone was to link all of the stables to the owner's player page; all you have to do is click the stable name that is underlined. I tried to do that with the horses and studs, but apparently when I tested the link it went to the MyStable log in page, not the horse. 

I will continue to try to think of/add new tools and/or ideas to make this thing better as a whole. With that said, PLEASE send me any ideas you come up with! You can either comment on this post or just shoot me a message on MyStable. 

Have a great day!

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